HealthTech Summit

Meeting at the Crossroads
of Healthcare Innovation

23 March 2023

PROVINCIEHUIS / Provincieplein 1 / Leuven, Belgium

Pre-conference workshop on venture capital, equity and growing international markets

10:00 - 14:00


Flemish Brabant Provincial Headquarters
Provincieplein 1, Leuven, Belgium

10:00 - 12:10
Welcome to the fifth edition of the global conference on cross-over innovation in healthcare.

Previously known as Life on Chip, the HealthTech Summit brings together national and international experts and VCs in medtech, biotech, digital health and patient care to examine the current state and the future of collaborative innovation.

Value-based healthcare, personalized medicine, disruptive innovations, medical imaging, e-health … never has it been more critical for healthcare providers, patient organizations, research institutions and the healthtech industry to work together to realize innovations that ultimately improve the lives of patients.

The hybrid HealthTech Summit puts patients at the center of the discussion. Combined with ever-growing biological insights and technological revolutions, innovation leads to ground-breaking applications that accelerate and transform the healthcare system. But this must be done with together with providers and patients in order to create the most impact.

Confirmed speakers

Paul Stoffels


Denise Silber

Basil Strategies

Pascal De Langhe

Saeys Yvan - Profile picture_0

Yvan Saeys


Olivier Ménage

Mona Health

Hans De Haard


Harold Haspeslagh

NiniX Technologies

Jonathan Schreiber


Hugo Ceulemans

Janssen Pharmaceutica

Stefaan Gijssels

Patient Expert Center

B2B Matchmaking

Are you looking for a partner to help realize your innovation? Do you need advice on how to expand your market? Are you a healthcare provider exploring best practices? Whatever your goal, the HealthTech Summit can find the right match for a personal meeting during the conference.

Connect with the right people

Join us for a day of discussions with national and international experts and VCs in medtech, biotech, digital health and patient care on the current state and future of collaborative innovation.