Welcome & coffee
Welcome by Flemish innovation minister Jo Brouns, and Ann Van Gysel, CEO, MEDVIA
Denise Silber, Basil Strategy | Collaboration: Past Present Future
Paul Stoffels, Galapagos | How the healthcare industry can bring value to the world
Gert Van Assche, UZLeuven | Collaboration is key to grow and nurture innovative healthcare
Panel discussion: How do we build a forward-looking and collaborative healthcare innovation ecosystem? A panel on regulation and reimbursement challenges. Steven Vandeput of beMedTech, KU Leuven chief medical officer Gert Van Assche, MEDVIA CEO Ann Van Gysel, Emily Blum, medical director of the Global Center for Medical Innovation in Atlanta, Georgia, Dipak Kalra, President at European Institute for Innovation through Health Data, and Kyun Thibaut, Managing Director Covartim -Moderated by Ingrid Maes, Inovigate
Networking lunch
Spotlight on innovation - Track 1 (Auditorium) • Yvan Saeys , Associate Professor, VIB Group Leader at Ghent University, "Advancing healthcare innovation through AI-based computational biology" • Hans De Haard, CSO at ArgenX • Joris Bellens, Program Lead Healthcare/Medical Devices at Comate, « Developing High-Tech Medical Devices » • Harold Haspeslagh, Director at Ninix, “Customized medical devices & healthTech automations” • Pascal De Langhe , Director at SCK CEN, “How to make the rarest drug on earth: the PanTera, IBA and SCK CEN fight against cancer” • Nicolas Geuens, Advisor, NLC Health, “The healthtech venture building model: a catalyst to develop early-stage technologies and bring them to patients • Marc Verhaeren, CEO of Curewiki
Spotlight on innovation - Track 2 (Council room) • Tim Dieryckx, CEO, Voxdale • Ward Servaes , Co-Founder at MoveUp, “A pyramid isn’t build in a day” • Sotirios Gakopoulos, Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer at CoMoveIT, "Independent Mobility for People with Complex Movement Disorders" • Ludovic Ampe, Co-founder at NeuroVentis • Vinoy Vijayan, Medical Ambassador, Byteflies, “Advancing the Hospital of Tomorrow: Blending In-Person and Digital Care with Remote Patient Monitoring » • Pieter de Wilde, Commercial Director, Unitron, “Medical Device Innovation; practical focus points for the next decade” • Mathieu Rimaud, CEO at TwinSight
Networking break
What about the patients? Inspiring presentations on collaborations with end-users in mind featuring AZ Maria Middelares CTO Peter Dierickx, Patient Expert Center chair Stefan Gijssels and Bart Vannieuwenhuyse, senior director of health information sciences at Janssen Pharmaceutical
Closing Keynote, Dipak Kalra, President at European Institute for Innovation through Health Data l Accelerating the success of digital health
Closing remarks
Networking reception

Join us for a day of discussions with national and international experts and VCs in medtech, biotech, digital health and patient care on the current state and future of collaborative innovation.